Alif and Bay; Justice Rules

Alif: Isn’t it terrific? The Chief Justice’s son in Court…..and that too on suo moto notice by the CJ?
Bay: Yes, it’s wonderful.
Alif: It signifies a huge leap forward.
Bay: Yes, the media must be loving it.
Alif: The media?
Bay: Yes. Who else do you mean it’s terrific for?
Alif: For the nation.
Bay: Oh yes! Of course the people who watch TV and read newspapers. Obviously they are the ultimate beneficiaries.
Alif: I meant it is good for the nation because it gives the hope for justice.
Bay: Oh! Of course.
Alif: So you see what I mean.
Bay: Yes yes!…………Well, actually no.
Alif: It is obvious. If the CJ’s son can be called in Court, so can everyone else.
Bay: But didn’t we already get that message when the PM was summoned.
Alif: Yes, but this is different.
Bay: Yes, it is. CJ’s son is yet to be convicted.
Alif: Even if he is not convicted, it sends a clear message that justice rules.
Bay: Ok.
Alif: You don’t agree?
Bay: Of course I do.
Alif: Good.
Bay: So, has the PM written that letter yet?
Alif: No.
Bay: What about his sons? Have they been convicted in those drug and stuff scandals?
Alif: I don’t think so.
Bay: And Moonis Elahi? What became of his case?
Alif: No idea.
Bay: I am starving.
Alif: Ya! Let’s go to KFC.

Alif and Bay; SmsOlogy

Alif: June 5th, 2012 is going to be the sunniest day on Earth. Please save your friends and family from eye and skin diseases. Pass this one to those you love.
Bay: What?
A: Just received this sms.
B: And you passed it to me? Does that mean you love me?
A: I didn’t pass it on. I just read it.
B: Isn’t that passing it on?
A: No, forwarding it to you would have been passing it on.
B: Ok.
A: So, do you think it’s true?
B: What?
A: The sms I received.
B: True? I don’t even know what it means.
A: Hmmm
B: What does sunniest day on Earth mean?
A: I don’t know. Maybe it will be the hottest day.
B: Then they would have written the hottest day. They wrote sunniest day.
A: But we should be careful
B: How?
A: I don’t know.
B: What if you forward it to ten people.
A: What good will that do?
B: Your biggest wish will come true.
A: It doesn’t say that.
B: But that’s the least such messages offer.
A: Hmmm! But how would that save me from eye and skin disease.
B: Haha! Simple! Make a wish that you are saved from eye and skin disease. Make it your biggest wish.
A: You’re crazy!
B: Ha! That’s what I have learnt from the study of sms ology. And what if you don’t forward it to anyone?
A: What?
B: You might get five years of skin disease.
A: That’s bullshit.
B: Maybe……. but you are gonna forward it anyway, aren’t you?
A: Errrr! I don’t know!
B: Hahahahahahaha!

Alif and Bay; Intellectual Discussion

Alif: You know what our biggest problem is?
Bay: No.
Alif: It is…..
Bay: Yes
Alif: What yes? You know?
Bay: No.
Alif: Then why did you say yes?
Bay: I said no.
Alif: But before that you said yes.
Bay: After than I said no.
Alif: So which one is it, yes?
Bay: No
Alif: No?
Bay: Yes.
Alif: Are you sure?
Bay: About what?
Alif: About no?
Bay: Yes
Alif: So you know what our biggest problem is?
Bay: No
Alif: I will tell you
Bay: No
Alif: What no?
Bay: Nothing. Yes.
Alif: Should I tell you?
Bay: I don’t know
Alif: Ok I will
Bay: Yes
Alif: Our biggest problem is that we keep having ridiculous conversations over inconsequential trivialities while no major discussion worth anything ever takes place. We are just fond of talking while actually we don’t give a shit about anything but our own petty interests and our own personal needs.
Bay: What?
Alif: What what?
Bay: Sorry
Alif: For what?
Bay: Let’s eat something.
Alif: Great idea.
Bay: I’m starving.
Alif: Me too.

Alif and Bay; Right age for a Harley Davidson

Alif: He bought a Harely!
Bay: So?
A: I don’t believe it.
B: Maybe he didn’t buy a Harley then!
A: Of course he did.
B: Then you do believe it.
A: I meant I cannot believe it.
B: And yet you do!
A: One can’t buy a Harley at the age of 68.
B: And yet he did.
A: There’s an age for everything
B: And what’s that?
A: What’s what?
B: The age for everything.
A: There’s no one age for everything.
B: You just said there was.
A: I meant there is a specific different age for every specific act.
B: So what’s the age for buying a Harley?
A: Between 20 and 40.
B: You’re between 20 and 40.
A: So?
B: Why haven’t you bought a Harley yet?
A: There’s no obligation to buy a Harley if you’re between 20 and 40
B: So you can buy it at 68?
A: No.
B: But you said there’s no obligation.
A: I meant….O forget it.
B: Forgotten.
A: But can you imagine! What will people say when they see a 68 year old on a Harley!
B: Is it important what people will say?
A: It is always important.
B: Then the only way to know what people will say when they see a 68 year old on Harley is to be a 68 year old and be on a Harley. Bravo to him!
A: But there’s an age for everything.
B: What’s the right age for poking your nose into other people’s business?
A: There’s no age for that
B: But you said there’s an age for everything.
A: O forget it.
B: Forgotten.
A: And what about that retired banker across the street
B: What about him?
A: He is 70 years old and I have heard he married a 20 year old girl.
B: That’s great.
A: What’s so great about that?
B: Well, at least he didn’t buy a Harley!
A: But….ok, forget it.
B: Forgotten.