Shuntoo on living only once

“What kind of idiocy is that? You only live once? That’s hilarious. I mean we are just not prepared to use our minds, now are we? Bacchay, bacchay! There’s nothing wrong in learning from wise things other people said, but at least be vigilant enough to tell the difference between wise and downright preposterous. You don’t only live once. You live every day, every hour, every moment until you die. Every day is a new opportunity, every moment the first of your new life. Anyone who fails to realize that gets caught up in memories, regrets and other similar crap. Even an attempt to count the number of times you live is futile, it’s infinite. You live as many times as you want…..until you die. And after you die, you live again…and again….and again…..forever. You live countless times and there’s no limit. Death is simply a transformation, a point beyond which you cannot see until you get there. But, you only die once.”~Shuntoo

Shuntoo-Literacy rate vs. Cricket

“Conduct a survey. Give the general population a simple choice. Would they prefer the literacy rate in this country to rise to 100 per cent or would they rather have our cricket team win the World Cup? I won’t say anything, just ask them and you’ll know how serious they are about issues that you feel they are acutely aware of, but can’t solve since they are victims of circumstances.”~Shuntoo

Things I miss about PTV

1. Low Costs: No one needing more than one TV in the house since every member of the family did not want to watch a different channel.

2. The TV Lounge & the Family: The whole family in one room enjoying whatever was on. Believe it or not, the dads watched dramas, the kids watched news and the moms watched cartoons. It has never been the same again.

3. The No-Tension News: Which began with “Sadr-e-Mumlikat ne kaha”, continued to “Wazeer-e-Azam ne kaha” and ended somewhere around “Governor ne kaha”. No conspiracy theories, no stupid fights, no exaggerations, no anal-ysis, no taak shows, no tension.

4. Haseena Moeen, Amjad Islam Amjad and the like. I don’t know if these people still write for TV, if they do, I lose them somewhere in the crowd of channels.

5. No Remotes: And hence no continuous changing of channels and no feeling of extreme discomfort when somebody else had the remote.

6. Those creepy tunes: The soothing one that accompanies the PTV sign before the transmission began, that irritating tain tain before a live hockey match and others.

7. Underpaid Artistes: I might be wrong but somehow I feel that people who were paid peanuts, like Shoaib Hashmi, Shoaib Mansoor, Nusrat Thakur, Tariq Aziz were way better than the ones who are paid handsomely now but fail to deliver the same class of results.

8. Announcements: A pretty lady appearing on your screen before every program and telling you the name, writer, director, stars and sponsors of the show was somehow comforting. And Aaj ke program at the beginning of the transmission lent a sort of predictability to the proceedings.

9. Raag Rang: For lovers of classical music, this was a real treat. I don’t think any other channel these days airs any program on classical music. We have 50 more channels and lesser variety of programs.

10. Farman-e-Ilahi: This show, the last of the transmission, provided closure to the day. One could sleep early and not waste time looking at the TV (without watching anything) till three am. And though it seems hard to believe, in those days when someone asked ‘Anything interesting on TV late night today?’ the late night usually meant around ten p.m. not two a.m.

Copy Pasting Status

Please copy and paste this as your status if you know someone, or have heard of someone who knows someone that may know someone, who knows anyone. If you don’t know anyone, or even if you’ve heard of anyone that doesn’t know anyone who knows someone, then still copy this. Its important to spread the message. Oh, and the hearts. Don’t forget the hearts.

Shuntoo on Reformation

“Hey Shuntoo! You’ve gotta listen to this,” I knew how Shuntoo disapproved of me posting his views on facebook, but I had to tell him about this comment. Mainly because I loved it.
He didn’t say anything but looked at me with the tiniest bit of interest.

“Listen to this comment on my last post.” I explained and he kept looking at me. “I want you to respond to it.”
“Ok!” was all he said.

“Can shuntoo start from himself by not smoking and not exposing himself and others and environment to harmful effects of smoke?” I repeated the comment and waited for a response.

“Start what?” he asked

“That’s what the comment says.”

“But start what?”

“I guess start the change. The reformation of the society, I think.”

“What makes you think I give a crap about the society or its reformation?”

I didn’t know how to respond to that statement. So I decided to continue reading the comment.

“Can intellectuals like Shuntoo ……”

He began to laugh. “Intellectuals like Shuntoo!” he repeated and laughed again.

“Let me complete it at least. It says Can intellectuals like Shuntoo start taking some positive actions instead of talking?” I finished and looked at him.

“I am no intellectual. I don’t like to talk, mostly you make me talk. And I don’t give a crap about change or the society or your views.”

“But the writer of this comment does have a point.” I said

“Hmmm!” he said. Then he lit a cigarette, took a puff and blew smoke into the air. I kept looking at him expecting something.

After a while, he just said, “What? I gave you my response, I don’t give a …..” I said. “I know!”

Shuntoo on ‘believing on things that don’t exist’

“Hey! I was just looking at the list of Oscar nominees for this year. Where is Zinda Bhaag?”

Shuntoo just scoffed and continued to concentrate on the book in his hand.

“How can it be? We had everyone bragging about its nomination for Oscars and respectable NGOs claimed that it had been nominated at its screenings. Where is it?”

“It wasn’t nominated.” Shuntoo said putting the book aside and looking straight at me. He lit a Marlboro and continued, “it wasn’t nominated. It wasn’t even shortlisted. And all the claims that were made in the past three months were bull-crap, since the nominations weren’t even announced till last night.”


“Pakistanis are not the most talented people in the world.” Shuntoo continued.


“We are not so lucky to be at that stage.” He took a long puff of his cigarette. “We are worse than that. We live in a retarded idiot’s paradise. We believe in things that don’t exist to make ourselves feel better. We won’t appreciate the fact that movies like ZInda Bhaag, Bol and Waar show that with some effort we could make movies that could win an Oscar. No, we would rather believe that a movie already got that nomination and then feel all proud. We won’t say that with some effort we could become the best nation in the world. We would rather believe that we already are the best. We wouldn’t focus on how, with some effort, we could be better human beings. We would rather believe that we already are perfect human beings and spend our life trying to convince others.”


“So we prefer to make asses of ourselves than to make an effort.”


“And it’s hilarious.” He started laughing and the conversation ended.

Shuntoo on ‘living for yourself’

“It’s weird how everyone is doing whatever they are doing for someone else. Sportsmen play for their country. Men/Women make money for their children, work for their family. It’s as if living for yourself is something to be embarrassed about. Although living for yourself is the most logical existence. Get rid of this hypocrisy if you want to breathe. ” Shuntoo