Sarmad Tariq— Photo courtesy:
Sarmad Tariq— Photo courtesy:

ISLAMABAD: Motivational speaker, story teller and Pakistan’s first ever quadriplegic athlete, Sarmad Tariq, passed away late on Tuesday.

After entering into a diving accident in his teen years, Sarmad Tariq was left with both his arms and legs sensation-less. Rather than give in to the situation, Sarmad chose a life full of challenges that even able-bodied people would think twice before undertaking.

He believed his condition was reason for his spiritual liberation.

Confined to a wheelchair, Sarmad was the first and only wheelchair-bound-athlete in Pakistan’s first ever Lahore Marathon in 2005.

He not only participated in the event but finished the race distance of 42km in seven and a half hours, qualifying to represent his country in ING New York City Marathon 2005 and made history for Pakistan by returning with a finisher’s medal.

He was an inspiration for a source of inspiration for many.

Known as the ‘Chairman’, Sarmad was married and settled in Islamabad.

He had been suffering from multiple ailments and his condition deteriorated during the past few months for which he was undergoing treatment that was more often painful rather than relieving.