Shuntoo on flipping channels

“What are you up to?” Shuntoo asked as he entered my house.

“Nothing much. Just flipping channels.” I replied and he just turned around and left. I was left confused and didn’t know what to make of this weird behavior, not that anything less than weird could be expected of Shuntoo.

The next time he visited I insisted that he tell me why he left. After about five minutes of my insistence, which began to look more like pleading in the end, he said calmly.

“I left because you were flipping channels. And I saw that it was not because you were looking for something specific on TV. In your own words, you were just flipping channels. That means you had absolutely nothing to do. You had no serious work, no important job to distract you; there was nothing in your life at that time to waste your time. And you had all the time in the world to think, reflect, analyze, improve, and make at least a portion of your life worthwhile. Instead, you chose to flip channels in the vain hope of finding something that could distract you, waste your time, and take the pressure of using your brain off your head. And I did not feel like spending time with such an idiot.”

“Oh come on Shuntoo!” I was annoyed naturally. “Most people flip channels.”

“Ha!” he said. “I don’t like spending time with most people either.”

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