Shuntoo on living only once

“What kind of idiocy is that? You only live once? That’s hilarious. I mean we are just not prepared to use our minds, now are we? Bacchay, bacchay! There’s nothing wrong in learning from wise things other people said, but at least be vigilant enough to tell the difference between wise and downright preposterous. You don’t only live once. You live every day, every hour, every moment until you die. Every day is a new opportunity, every moment the first of your new life. Anyone who fails to realize that gets caught up in memories, regrets and other similar crap. Even an attempt to count the number of times you live is futile, it’s infinite. You live as many times as you want…..until you die. And after you die, you live again…and again….and again…..forever. You live countless times and there’s no limit. Death is simply a transformation, a point beyond which you cannot see until you get there. But, you only die once.”~Shuntoo

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