Things I miss about PTV

1. Low Costs: No one needing more than one TV in the house since every member of the family did not want to watch a different channel.

2. The TV Lounge & the Family: The whole family in one room enjoying whatever was on. Believe it or not, the dads watched dramas, the kids watched news and the moms watched cartoons. It has never been the same again.

3. The No-Tension News: Which began with “Sadr-e-Mumlikat ne kaha”, continued to “Wazeer-e-Azam ne kaha” and ended somewhere around “Governor ne kaha”. No conspiracy theories, no stupid fights, no exaggerations, no anal-ysis, no taak shows, no tension.

4. Haseena Moeen, Amjad Islam Amjad and the like. I don’t know if these people still write for TV, if they do, I lose them somewhere in the crowd of channels.

5. No Remotes: And hence no continuous changing of channels and no feeling of extreme discomfort when somebody else had the remote.

6. Those creepy tunes: The soothing one that accompanies the PTV sign before the transmission began, that irritating tain tain before a live hockey match and others.

7. Underpaid Artistes: I might be wrong but somehow I feel that people who were paid peanuts, like Shoaib Hashmi, Shoaib Mansoor, Nusrat Thakur, Tariq Aziz were way better than the ones who are paid handsomely now but fail to deliver the same class of results.

8. Announcements: A pretty lady appearing on your screen before every program and telling you the name, writer, director, stars and sponsors of the show was somehow comforting. And Aaj ke program at the beginning of the transmission lent a sort of predictability to the proceedings.

9. Raag Rang: For lovers of classical music, this was a real treat. I don’t think any other channel these days airs any program on classical music. We have 50 more channels and lesser variety of programs.

10. Farman-e-Ilahi: This show, the last of the transmission, provided closure to the day. One could sleep early and not waste time looking at the TV (without watching anything) till three am. And though it seems hard to believe, in those days when someone asked ‘Anything interesting on TV late night today?’ the late night usually meant around ten p.m. not two a.m.

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