He never thought….

He never thought he was capable of it. But when the time came he overcame all the obstacles. He never thought he was capable. But when the opportunity came he grasped it with both hands. He never thought he was capable. But when he came face to face with challenges, he was up to the task every single time. He never gave up. He never gave in. He kept moving forward. He kept falling. But he felt getting up again. And he kept moving. He never thought he was capable. But, more importantly, he never thought he was incapable either. Maybe the secret lies in not thinking what you can or cannot do. Maybe the secret lies in just doing it and finding out.

He thought up an idea. He made a plan to achieve it. There were obstacles in his path and he had to overcome them one by one, sometimes using fair, at other times unfair means. He stepped on a number of toes on his way, encountered many failures but never gave up. He made friends of people who agreed with his cause and enemies of those who opposed him. He loved things that supported his struggle and hated those that were bad for it. He ignored all the voices that criticized him and went on, unrelenting, with his held up high.

And he succeeded in the end. Only now, he does not think it was such a good idea to start with!!!