Some people are born confused, some achieve confusion and some have confusion thrust upon them. I guess these three categories more or less make up most of the population of this planet. Everyone seems to be confused. Or maybe they aren’t. Maybe it is just me who is confused and in my confusion, I cannot find an iota of sense in what people are doing and thus come to the conclusion that everyone is confused. Are you Confused?

Welcome to the club.

Maybe we have lived a lie for so long now that a situation, a quote, a written sentence, anything with the tiniest semblance of truth confuses us. Maybe we have lived for so long believing in untruths that anything else is beyond our understanding, inexplicable, unacceptable. Maybe that is why we prefer small talk over serious discussion, entertainment over profound literature, gossip over debate, sleep over thinking, television over books, the list is endless.

Maybe this is wrong, maybe not. I, in any case, am in no hurry to find out. I am busy, I have to watch TV and then go to sleep.

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