There is a limit to everything; or is there? A point beyond which ordinary people never even think of going! But do people not cross it because it is the limit, or does it only seem like the limit because they don’t cross it? There are some who dare to tread beyond limits, who discover new possibilities and as a result neither they nor anyone they influence can ever be the same again. They change everything, set new standards; they stretch the limits or maybe just show that there weren’t any limits in the first place other than in our minds. But then it becomes a habit, and living within any boundaries becomes boring. They seem to take on a burden; the burden to keep stretching the limits and prove that nothing….absolutely nothing is impossible. They do this step by step, limit by limit; one boundary at a time. It’s not the extraordinary who survive beyond the limit. It’s daring to go beyond it and surviving that makes one extraordinary.

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