There is a strange pleasure in idleness. It is the stuff dreams ought to be made of. I wonder why we always dream, whether asleep or awake, of doing something, of some sort of action. I wonder why we are so concerned about what we want or need to do at a certain time, on a certain day or in our lives as a whole. I wonder why we give action as opposed to inaction so much importance. The reason I don’t understand these things could be my lack of knowledge; it is probable that I am unaware of some truths that the world discovered centuries ago making them more prone than me to live a life under the enormous and continuous pressure of action. But it could also be that the world has missed some very important facts.

Am I mistaken or do the Zen Buddhists, Hindu yogis and even Muslim saints always preach meditation as a fundamental part of life involving spiritual elevation. If I am not mistaken, doesn’t it mean that a complete abandonment of all external stimuli and internal thoughts is the ultimate way to clear one’s mind and the first step towards spiritual illumination? In other words, idleness is necessary to get the clarity required to act properly. We, on the other hand, have such disdain for idleness that we have totally lost this beautiful habit and resultantly spend our lives always on the go. We are always running after something, and when we find it, well…we start running after something else. Most of us then end up sick, confused, frustrated, sad and out of breath. There is a lot of wisdom in the life of the yogis and the Sufis. Isn’t it about time we took a break from our race and rather than finding solace in the self-help books based on their teachings, follow the most basic teaching of these sages; without the slightest trace of guilt for being idle?

I don’t know, I just think this might be true. As for me, I am not consciously chasing any spiritual illumination, though it might come as a side-effect. I am idle, but that’s only because…..I am lazy, and not ashamed of it.

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