Shuntoo on Optimism

Like almost all other concepts, we don’t seem to understand optimism at all. Optimism does not mean that you completely ignore the negative side of things; such an attitude would be denial. You’ll be much better off understanding both the positives and the negatives of a situation and then analyzing it to find the best way forward. People who try to convince themselves there is nothing evil or wrong with the world are likely to keep trying or go crazy. Let me tell you a story bacchay! There was a man who always looked at the bright side of things, even though this habit gave him frequent headaches, he did not give up. He believed that such an approach somehow made him a better person. Gradually, he went a step further and started choosing the brightest side out of the many bright sides. Eventually……..he went blind. But he looked at the bright side of that too. At least he did not have to look at bright sides anymore.

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