Ten Questions

1. When you are trying to be different and everyone else is trying to be different too, aren’t you actually trying to be the same?

2. When we say something is exactly two feet long, are we sure it is less than 2.00000001 and more than 1.99999999 feet? If not, aren’t all measurements actually estimates?

3. Can it ever be empirically proven that something does not exist?

4. When protests against violence turn violent, aren’t the protestors protesting against themselves?

5. If someone claims that he does not care about the society and wants the society to praise him for this, isn’t he negating his own claim?

6. If you imagine the world exactly as it is, are you living in the real or the imaginary world?

7. Can reports that claim there are Weapons of Mass Destruction in a country, when in fact there aren’t any, be called ‘Intelligence’ Reports?

8. Is a person intolerant if he cannot tolerate intolerance?

9. Why don’t languages have different words for different things? (Why turn right, that answer is right, human rights, pagan rites??) I mean there are infinite possible words, aren’t there?

10. Why did I include this question? Couldn’t I have just changed the title to nine questions? And why is this called ten questions anyway, when there is actually more than one question at serial no.2, 9 and 10?

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