People you should never watch a movie with

1. Someone who has watched the movie before and is a compulsive spoiler who keeps telling you what’s going to happen next.

2. Someone who has watched the movie before and is not a compulsive spoiler but keeps saying, “watch what happens next” or “look, look this is a good one” as if you were looking somewhere else.

3. Someone who does not like watching movies or likes it only so he could criticize everything in them as if he was Oliver Stone’s lost twin.

4. Someone who is not good at listening or does not understand the language well and keeps asking you “What! What did he just say?”

5. Someone who is too proud of being good at listening or knowing the language and keeps telling you what he just said.

6. Someone who eats during the movie and makes such loud crunching sounds that no one knows what he just said.

7. Someone who is continuously reminded of similar events in his own life by different scenes of the movie and wants to share his great experience with everyone.

8. Someone who wanted to watch another movie and keeps telling you how that would have been better.

9. Someone who is too dumb to understand the jokes or twists in the script and makes you feel silly when you are laughing or being surprised.

10. Someone who is having too much fun watching the movie and not only disturbs you but makes you pity him for having such a sad life.

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