I know I haven’t treated you well. I took you for granted. Never appreciated what you continued to do for me. You tolerated all the things that I enjoyed but that you didn’t like. I kept burdening you with stuff that I wanted without realizing how harmful it was for you. But now I have learned my lesson. I am sorry.

Dear stomach,
Please forgive me. I promise to behave in the future. I don’t want to lose you. But more than anything I don’t want you to be loose anymore!


There can be only two causes of your troubles.

1. You
2. Your denial of the fact that it is you

Always remember your worth. In a universe of unimaginable possibilities, you are no more than a speck, maybe even less.

But you have the potential to create your very own universe of unimaginable possibilities from merely a speck, maybe even less.

Is my life worth living

Is my life worth living? Is anyone’s life worth living? If it is, how do we live it? And if it is not, what the fuck else can you do with a life? You can’t bake or eat or sleep with or talk to or whatever with life. All you can do is live a life. So, if a life is not worth living, you are still stuck with living it.

So the question actually is, how to live? But then again, you don’t really have to do anything to live. You just live. By yourself, like any other person or animal or plant or virus. So, maybe, the question is how to ensure that you don’t live like an animal or plant or virus. But then, what is wrong with that, I never heard any virus complain……