After all, its all about perspective

It’s all about perspective. I have little to do these days, as I am treated for more medical problems than any of you might be interested in knowing. But I have learnt a lot of things. That’s the least a stint in a foreign land can do for you. It changes your premises for a while and makes you look at things anew. And I have learnt again that…’s all about perspective.

I lie on my bed all day. But it’s not an ordinary bed. In fact it is so far from ordinary, it has its own name. Oasis, it is called. There is a heavy rental on the bed, which means that every day that I lie on it, I am losing quite an amount of money. It weighs so much that a paranoid person might feel a little uneasy, with the possibility of the whole floor collapsing under its weight. Plus it has fans underneath it which make quite a noise all day. And if that were not enough, the fans have to be kept cool all the time, for which they have to have a separate air conditioner, with its own noise. So, if you entered my room, it would seem that you had entered a factory. In short, I lie all day in a room that is extremely noisy, while my body is almost suspended in the air and I am losing money fast.

Terrible? Not at all. I love the noise and the fact that I am suspended in the air and that I am spending money. Because if all goes well, all this would help me get rid of a number of problems that my body faces right now. And I wonder, how many times have we felt terrible due to similar reasons; that we had to spend so much money, or the environment was not perfect, or that our position could be better. And in these times we were not sure if all that was actually hurting us or in fact, making us better.

I am having the time of my life.

After all, it’s all a about perspective.

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