I am Pakistan

I landed in the UK for treatment a couple of days ago. Looking at my condition, I was amused to realize that maybe,

1. I have been passing through critical times for years and years now.

2. My condition has deteriorated in the past few years at a pace that has alarmed and sometimes really scared me.

3. But I have a strong faith in God.

4. I have people who support me, pray for me and give me hope.

5. I have never given up.

6. I have faced situations where all hope seemed lost but I tried to keep my spirits high.

7. I have seen people who have nothing to offer but negativity, pessimism and sarcasm and I have realized that if I can’t progress because of them, I will progress in spite of them.

8. I have continued to help myself first before looking at others to come and give me a hand.

9. I am still surviving and expect to get better and better despite all odds.

10. I believe I can.

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