She fell and injured herself

She fell and injured herself. But she got up again, got herself bandaged and started preparing for the cycling race with even more gusto. She rode at a lightning speed in the race and could have left all the others behind, but she fell again and had to be taken away for treatment. By the time she came back, the race appeared to be over. But she knew it wasn’t. So she got back on her bike and finished the race with bruised elbows, bandaged knees, an aching face, and a spirit that did not know the meaning of pain.

She finished the race. Because she knew that winning does not necessarily mean leaving all the other participants behind. Much more than that, winning means leaving all your fears, all pain, all mental hurdles in the dust and moving ahead on the strength of your will.

She is a winner. She is a hero. And she is a wife to be proud of. @zehrakamal

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