Things about Pain

We live trying to avoid pain and yet, our lives end up full of it. Pains of losing loved ones, physical injuries, emotional traumas, disappointments, failures……..we continuously feel that our life did not turn out the way we expected and wanted. Let me tell you a secret… never does. Over the years, I have experienced all kinds of pains, and so must have everyone else in his or her own way, and I have learnt that

1. When life does not give me what I want, the fault might not lie with life, but with my expectations.

2. When I want something badly and do not get it, God invariably compensates for it by giving me something else, usually much better. I just have to make sure that my disappointment does not prevent me from noticing that.

3. Sometimes, when I got what I wanted, I realized that it was not as big a deal as I imagined it to be and the euphoria of success died away too soon. Mostly, the effort and the anxiety are way more enjoyable than the actual success.

4. What I got (or didn’t get) are things of the past. What I am and can be are things that drive me forward.

5. Ignoring or suppressing the pain does not help. It is okay to cry and get it out of your system. Sometimes all a pain requires from you is acknowledgement.

6. Convincing myself that nothing bad would ever happen is futile. Becoming the person who can transform any tragedy into an opportunity is much more fun.

7. When my brain tells me that I just cannot go on, I just need to tell my brain that I can. The brain gets tired and just needs a little rest, I need to empty it of all fears and thoughts and then fill it with what I want.

8. Courage does not mean that I don’t feel pain; it means that I don’t let it hamper my progress.

9. Failure to feel any pain is not valor; it is numbness and could signal a mental or physical malfunction.

10. Life is sometimes like a video game. When it gets hard, it just means that you have played well and have reached a higher level.

Its all about perspective

I don’t have to go to work, no deadlines to meet, no boss to bullshit me, no subordinates to piss me off with their incompetence. I just lie all day in an air-conditioned room. There are plenty of people to take care of me, bring me food, and change my clothes. Four beautiful women bathe me. I have hundreds of people around the world praying for my health and long life. There are professional doctors here praising me for my knowledge and spirit. What more could one want from life? I wonder if even kings enjoyed such a life.

As I have said before; It’s all about perspective.

Lets complain, lets not appreciate…

Almost impossible to believe

I do not deserve anything. Short, simple sentence…..extremely tough to utter…….almost impossible to believe in.

But if I succeed in making myself believe it,

I will strive to improve myself.
I will be extremely thankful for whatever I have.
I will never complain of not having something.

Then why is it extremely tough to utter and almost impossible to believe in? Because it is not true? Think about it. On what basis can you claim to be worthy of anything? And please….the fact that other got something they were not worthy of does not make a sound case; it makes, at best, a lame one.

Then why is it extremely tough to utter and almost impossible to believe in? Ego? Probably. Why dissolve all the wonderful illusions with harsh realities? Let’s continue believing that we deserve so many things. Let’s continue to live in illusions that help us live with ourselves. Let’s complain, let’s not appreciate what we have, let’s not make too much effort.

After all, its all about perspective

It’s all about perspective. I have little to do these days, as I am treated for more medical problems than any of you might be interested in knowing. But I have learnt a lot of things. That’s the least a stint in a foreign land can do for you. It changes your premises for a while and makes you look at things anew. And I have learnt again that…’s all about perspective.

I lie on my bed all day. But it’s not an ordinary bed. In fact it is so far from ordinary, it has its own name. Oasis, it is called. There is a heavy rental on the bed, which means that every day that I lie on it, I am losing quite an amount of money. It weighs so much that a paranoid person might feel a little uneasy, with the possibility of the whole floor collapsing under its weight. Plus it has fans underneath it which make quite a noise all day. And if that were not enough, the fans have to be kept cool all the time, for which they have to have a separate air conditioner, with its own noise. So, if you entered my room, it would seem that you had entered a factory. In short, I lie all day in a room that is extremely noisy, while my body is almost suspended in the air and I am losing money fast.

Terrible? Not at all. I love the noise and the fact that I am suspended in the air and that I am spending money. Because if all goes well, all this would help me get rid of a number of problems that my body faces right now. And I wonder, how many times have we felt terrible due to similar reasons; that we had to spend so much money, or the environment was not perfect, or that our position could be better. And in these times we were not sure if all that was actually hurting us or in fact, making us better.

I am having the time of my life.

After all, it’s all a about perspective.

Shahid Afridi

I have never been a cricket fan, but all of UK is in the grip of the Ashes fever and since I have little else to do, I ended up watching the highlights of the first Pakistan-West Indies ODI. And then I did a little googling and I am confused. I mean all cricket lovers in Pakistan must know that Shahid Afridi

1. Holds the record for the fastest century in ODI history scored off 37 balls with 11 sixes against Sri Lanka, in 1996, the fourth fastest century scored off 45 balls in 2005 against India and the seventh fastest century scored off 53 balls in 2010 against Bangladesh.

2. Holds the record for the third fastest fifty in ODI history scored off 18 balls in 1996 and the fourth fastest fifty scored off 18 balls in 2002.

3. Holds the record for the most number of sixes (313) in ODI career by any batsmen ever.

4. Holds the record for the best bowling figures by a Pakistani and the second best ever in ODI history (7/12 taken in 2013).

5. Is currently ranked the seventh best all-rounder in the world by ICC.

6. Is the eighth highest wicket taker of all time in ODIs with 355 wickets and the third highest for Pakistan after Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.

7. Is the 31st highest run-getter in ODI history and the fifth highest from Pakistan after Inzimam, Muhammad Yousaf, Saeed Anwar and Javed Miandad.

8. Has a career batting strike rate of 114.74 which is the all-time highest for all batsmen who have played 50 ODIs or more.

Hats off to the guy. But what confuses me is the number of people I have heard asking that Afridi be dropped from the team because he is not consistent. I mean, I don’t know that much about cricket, but I am pretty certain that is not the way to treat our heroes. Will we ever learn?


More patients that can be counted are on the verge of losing any hope of living a meaningful life. They urgently require a huge doze of B +ve. All those who have any idea how to help these people be positive are requested to get up and start acting. Go to your nearest person right now, there is a huge probability that he will be one of the patients, that’s how quickly this plague is spreading.

B +ve Urgently Required

I am Pakistan

I landed in the UK for treatment a couple of days ago. Looking at my condition, I was amused to realize that maybe,

1. I have been passing through critical times for years and years now.

2. My condition has deteriorated in the past few years at a pace that has alarmed and sometimes really scared me.

3. But I have a strong faith in God.

4. I have people who support me, pray for me and give me hope.

5. I have never given up.

6. I have faced situations where all hope seemed lost but I tried to keep my spirits high.

7. I have seen people who have nothing to offer but negativity, pessimism and sarcasm and I have realized that if I can’t progress because of them, I will progress in spite of them.

8. I have continued to help myself first before looking at others to come and give me a hand.

9. I am still surviving and expect to get better and better despite all odds.

10. I believe I can.

She fell and injured herself

She fell and injured herself. But she got up again, got herself bandaged and started preparing for the cycling race with even more gusto. She rode at a lightning speed in the race and could have left all the others behind, but she fell again and had to be taken away for treatment. By the time she came back, the race appeared to be over. But she knew it wasn’t. So she got back on her bike and finished the race with bruised elbows, bandaged knees, an aching face, and a spirit that did not know the meaning of pain.

She finished the race. Because she knew that winning does not necessarily mean leaving all the other participants behind. Much more than that, winning means leaving all your fears, all pain, all mental hurdles in the dust and moving ahead on the strength of your will.

She is a winner. She is a hero. And she is a wife to be proud of. @zehrakamal