Shuntoo on Knowledge

“I know.” I said.

“That’s an arrogant statement bacchay! I think you people either have a really high opinion of yourselves or you don’t know what knowledge means.” Shuntoo said.

“Enlighten me then, O Master!” I said sarcastically. “Please define the concept for me.”

“Not my job. That is not a very difficult task. Find out the meaning of words you so conveniently use. Or are you too lethargic for that?”

“But at least give me a clue.” I persisted.

“Well, I will say this much for your benefit. Knowledge is a fact that is true and you believe it to be true and your belief is not based on what you heard on Geo, Dunya or some other channel and your belief will not change even if somebody posts on facebook that it is wrong.” He said and before I could reply, he got up, lit a cigarette and left.

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