Just when I was beginning to

1. Enjoy the cool air from my air-conditioner, it was time for load shedding again.

2. Relax and blame all my problems on God and other people, God sent other people who helped solve my problems.

3. Go down the depression lane thinking that my life was less than I deserved, my life appeared in front of me and showed me that it was actually much more, that I hadn’t done anything to deserve all the blessings I had.

4. Celebrate the respite from PPP, I saw the budget speech.

5. Think that Pakistanis cannot be any worse than what they are, I saw our cricket team’s performance.

6. Give a speech on how bright our future looked, a teenager threw his coke bottle on the road without even thinking twice.

7. Explain to him that Muslims are misunderstood, a bearded fellow stopped us and told him that wearing shorts was a huge sin.

8. Motivate a friend to aim higher, look beyond the ordinary and fulfill his dreams, his wife called and asked him to get home early and bring a pack of diapers and a dozen eggs.

9. Believe that Sahir Lodhi was the most intolerable thing on TV, I saw Maya Khan.

10. Think that the 10 things syndrome was over, this idea came from nowhere.

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