To Err is human

To err is human. And I see people around me who are too scared to err, too apologetic of their humanness. Sometimes I feel we live in the middle of clowns and jokers. All our jokes revolve around someone’s stupidity, and we try to point out and laugh at every mistake, every slip, every error. That’s how we survive. Our survival is based on a two-point agenda. Look for opportunities to make fun of others. And try to avoid being made fun of by others.

Entrenched in this existence where every day is a potential disaster where we could be the butt of jokes, we try to be as similar to everyone else as we can, because if we are just like the other person, the other person wouldn’t be able to make fun of us, since that would mean making fun of himself. Hell, we don’t even get unusual haircuts, wear unusual clothes or say things that could be perceived as different enough to be laughed at.

We survive, we exist, but we hardly ever live. We are afraid to take risks, afraid to be different, afraid to try new things, afraid to live. We just spend our lives for survival, and as everyone knows, that is a mission doomed from the start.

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