1. Save Gas. Bathe in cold water, eat raw food and stop using CNG-fuelled vehicles.

2. Save Electricity. Sleep as soon as it gets dark and enjoy sweat in the summers. These things have been proven to be healthy.

3. Save Electricity. Stop watching TV as it only causes headaches and gives bad news. This habit would also save them from watching stupid ads such as the one asking them to save gas.

4. Save Petrol. Walk.

5. Save Food. Fast everyday. This would not only reduce their weights but also improve their aakhirah. To avoid Israaf, they should also keep sehr and iftar limited to a date or two.

6. Save Railways. Stop moving from one city to the other. After all, all cities are in equally bad shape now, so what’s the point?

7. Save Paper and Ink. Do not bother with elections. Just ask the whole lot to toss and decide who gets the joyride next time. And of course, we could also flip for how many waves of the Tsunami get into the Parliament.

8. Save Water. Stop washing clothes and other stuff. What’s the occasion? Why so much pretense?

9. Save Intellect. Continue to avoid thinking. We have survived this long without it, so why bother now?

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