Ten reasons why I want change

The political parties that have ruled the country for so long

1. Are centered on one personality and there is absolutely no chance of anyone else becoming the leader / president / chairperson until that personality is alive.

2. Mainly consist of individuals who are either the same old politicians that have been destroying this country or new ones who are so unknown that one fears if they would be even worse.

3. Have numerous factions / groups within them that make one wonder about their ability to do anything positive since they can’t even get along with each other.

4. Make such tall claims in their campaigns that it is extremely improbable, if not impossible, that any human can achieve them.

5. Use derogatory language in their election campaign with slogans that are solely focused on making some other person / party look bad.

6. Cry foul whenever they lose elections and act as if some hidden power is always conspiring against them.

7. Try to prove that their failures were immaterial and inconsequential.

8. Exaggerate their successes beyond imagination.

9. Try to create an impression that they are the only ones serious about improving the condition of the people while all other parties / individuals are just in politics on some vile agenda.

10. Keep harping on about their past successes even if they have no relevance with the issues that face the country now.

And I am still waiting for change

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