I supported PTI and I am delighted that

1. We had the largest turnout in recent history and Pakistanis finally seem to have realized the importance of their votes. That is true democracy.

2. PTI managed to form the government in one province in its first attempt. The people of KP have rejected their old rulers and have given Khan’s team a chance to show what they can do. That is true democracy.

3. There is a fresh trend where social media has been extensively used for politics and a lot of awareness has been spread through it, making people who were completely disinterested in elections come out in large number in support of their favorite candidates. That is true democracy.

4. PTI gave a tough fight even in the constituencies where they couldn’t win. The people opted to vote for change in huge numbers and gave a tough fight to the experienced politicians. That is true democracy.

5. PML-N leaders gave a victory speech where they pledged to forget past animosities and work for the country and PTI congratulated the winning party and pledged to do their bit in the next five years. That is true democracy.

I just hope that PTI supporters realize that

6. This is a victory. Our dreams might not have been fulfilled, but we must learn to accept reality with courage and not be sore losers.

7. Governing a troubled province like KP is going to be a big challenge and Khan would need all the support he will need. This is the time to step up a gear and start anew.

8. Social media is a double-edged sword. We must show that we are the Naya Pakistan, which is decent, civilized, educated and dignified even in defeat.

9. PTI was no.2 in most of the constituencies and needs to form a reformist opposition that focuses on constructive criticism.

10. This is the time to unite. We cannot make this a provincial or class war. Pakistanis need to unite and work for the country.

No whining and no gloating.

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