Imran Khan

Forget about who will win the majority in the next elections. Vote for whichever party or candidate you feel like. Let’s stop the politics for a while.

I want to take a moment to salute one man; a man who fell from a lifter on Tuesday and the whole nation rose in alarm. People from all walks of life, no matter which party they support, or in which country they currently reside, all Pakistanis held their breath and prayed for the Captain. I saw Pakistan unite as a nation.

People crying for him, looks of bewilderment on faces, a fear that they were losing someone too dear to them, Pakistanis in foreign lands praying for him, the scenes were enough to give anyone goose bumps.

And then came his statement from a hospital bed. A person with three broken vertebrae telling the nation “I have done all I could. Now you have to decide.” And that “the people have to exert full force on May 11 to change their lives.” The captain is one of the few Greats Pakistan has produced. And any doubts in anyone’s mind should have evaporated after seeing the events of Tuesday. His faith, confidence, will, stamina and courage are the stuff of legends. And it is heartening to see that we, as a nation, acknowledge that. We can have differences of opinion, we can argue about the credentials of all political parties including the PTI, but when it comes to recognizing a great, we know how to give respect, love and recognition.

The fall and its aftermath gave Imran a chance to show his guts and share his vision with the whole country, as everything came to a halt in Pakistan and when he spoke on a news channel, all were listening. It also gave the people a chance to show him that regardless of whether they support his political party or not, they regard him as the son of Pakistan, and a son to be proud of.

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