In conversation with the Genie

As soon as the boy rubbed the lamp, a genie appeared. Here is the conversation that followed.

Genie: You have given me freedom. I can grant you one wish.

Boy: Just one? Is that all the price you are willing to pay for freedom?

G: One is a lot if you use it smartly.
B: What a ridiculous excuse! No wonder you were trapped in a lamp for so long. You don’t know the value of freedom.
G: I don’t have all day. Just tell me your wish.
B: But why just one?
G: It’s company policy. That’s all I am allowed to grant.
B: Well, change that policy.
G: I can’t.
B: Who can then?
G: Just tell me your wish and be done with it, will you?
B: What can I wish for?
G: Anything.
B: Ok. I wish that you grant me a hundred wishes.
G: You can’t wish that.
B: But you said I could wish for anything.
G: But not that. You are trying to use a loophole in the system. You are trying to use company policy to go against company policy. That cannot be allowed.
B: Ok. Then I wish your company policy changed and everyone got a hundred wishes.
G: Can’t do that.
B: Then what can I wish for.
G: Anything.
B: Okay I wish that you go back in the lamp and stay there.
G: Shit!

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