Being afraid of change

I find it hard to understand how some people can be afraid of change. It’s not like being afraid of crowds or heights or enclosed spaces, because one can avoid all these or at least try to avoid them. Being afraid of change is more like being afraid of breathing or air or your skin. Change, like all these things, is always there. Anyone who appears to have this desire to avoid change is simply unaware that everything around him is changing all the time. The cells in his body, his thoughts, the position of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies, even the angle of the earth; nothing stays the same.

Maybe people who are afraid of change just believe that things can remain the same only because they are not able to perceive the constant change every moment brings. Maybe by trying to avoid change, they are just trying to perpetuate their misperceptions. Maybe they are afraid to know the truth, afraid to see, afraid to be aware. And that, as I said in the beginning, is hard to understand.

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