Staying alive vs Living

There is a difference between staying alive and living. Just like there is a difference between animals and humans. Animals stay alive, humans have the choice of actually living. You are born and you die. Everything else is uncertain. Trying to pretend there is certainty in life is the craziest of illusions. Cherishing uncertainty breeds real life. I enjoy the fact that life is unpredictable. I enjoy the challenges it throws. I succeed in handling some of them and fail miserably in others. But I never judge myself on these successes or failures and judge others even less. My way is the only way to live my life and the same is true for everyone else. You cannot change the past no matter how hard you try. And the future will always spring a surprise even for the most careful of planners, maybe more so for him. So this mess is only for those who learn from their mistakes and do not fear anything. People who don’t give a shit. Who says constipation is bad?

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