“So you think that these animals can never select a king that is good for them?” The tiger asked.

“In their present condition, no.” The lion said confidently.

“What present condition?”

“Well, they are averse to using their brains, averse to working hard, and averse to taking any responsibility. They keep looking towards all kinds of deities, kings, rulers to take them out of their misery and keep blaming all these things for all their problems.”

“And what can they do to help themselves, do you have any idea?”

“Of course. They can begin by deciding to help themselves. They can focus on increasing their strength, their intellect, their capacity. They can start taking responsibility for their condition. They can work hard in whatever field they are.”

“And how would all this result in the election of a good king?”

“Ha ha ha!” the lion roared. “This would create a jungle where any king would be a good king, because all the animals would be playing their part, so the king would not matter that much. Because all the animals would be solving their own problems, and if their king becomes one of those problems, they would solve that too.”

“So if they start living their own lives well, all will be fine in the jungle?”

“Yes, but that won’t happen,” said the lion with a satisfied grin. “They are too lethargic and stupid to do that. They will keep looking at the skies, waiting for God, or a messiah, and they will keep being exploited. We lions ruled them directly, not we rule them indirectly. If they come up with some other dumb idea of government, we’ll still rule.”

“So they have no chance?”

“They do. But they don’t look like realizing, any time soon, that government or king is nothing. They are the ones who can improve their conditions. If they keep asking for people to rule them, that’s what they’ll keep getting; people who rule, and rulers have power, and power corrupts, and we love corrupt people, because corrupt can be exploited, and we exploit.”

“Don’t you feel guilty? Exploitation is not a virtue.”

“Ha ha!” the lion roared. “They want to be exploited, they need exploitation. Just observe them. You will not see anyone who is against exploitation. All they desire is to cease to be the exploited and become the exploiter. And we give them that opportunity, we give them the tiniest bit of power for the tiniest bit of time and they run to us wagging their tails. And when we take that power away, they keep looking at us with their tongues hanging out, waiting for the next piece of power that we might throw at them.”

“Hmmm! So they need power.”

“Everyone needs power. But look at me. I have the power over myself. So no one can exercise power over me easily, anyone wishing to do that would have to fight, maybe fight to death. But these damn animals, they don’t have any idea or inclination to learn to exercise power over themselves. They love to exercise it on others. And to do that, they have to accept a system where anyone who can, will exercise power over others, and more often than not, they are the ones who suffer.”

“So why don’t they realize?”

“Because they are too scared to use their minds. Because they are too used to wagging their tails and waiting for a piece of food from someone else. Because they are not lions.”

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