“But don’t you feel threatened by this new system,” asked the tiger. “This democracy gives freedom to the animals. They feel they have the power to choose their king. Don’t you think that with the passage of time, they will learn to choose a king who is not afraid of you?”

“No chance,” replied the lion calmly. “I don’t see that happening ever. I think you are overestimating the capability and thinking capacity of the animals my friend. They will never choose such a leader. Ever since this system came into fashion they have been choosing donkeys and zebras and deer to rule them.”

“Why don’t they go for smarter and stronger animals?”

“Because stronger and smarter animals are fewer in number. And in this system, numbers count. Also, stronger and smarter animals don’t get into the race for power in this silly system. They don’t want to enter a race where their strength and intelligence counts for nothing. So we’re safe.”


“And once in a while, when I feel that some stupid ass is getting ideas of his own in his head, I intervene.”

“Intervene? How?” asked the tiger.

“Well, I encourage the wolves and dogs, who have been given the duty of defending the jungle’s borders, to take over the government. They are the best and most loyal of creatures. They always listen to me.”

“Aren’t the democracy-loving animals pissed off at that?”

“Not really. They celebrate the coming to power of wolves initially. It is only much later, after many many years, that they realize there’s something wrong. And then, the wolves and dogs are removed from power and the animals revert back to electing donkeys and zebras. It has been going on like that for many years.”

“And you expect it to continue forever?” the tiger asked.

“Not exactly this pattern,” the lion replied. “But more or less the same essence. Don’t worry, the lions and the tigers are safe for a long time to come.”

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