Three cheers for youth


1. An eighty-three year old Prime Minister (born in 1929);

2. An eighty-five year old Chief Election Commissioner (born in 1928);

3. A sixty-five year old Chief Justice (born in 1948);

4. A sixty-one year old Chief of Army Staff (born in 1952);

5. A sixty-one year old political leader (born in 1952) who promises to lead youth to bring change (or bring a Tsunami); and

6. A thirty-nine year old captain of the cricket team (born in 1974),

We are a nation who is energetic, youthful and raring to go. We will run till we need to stop to catch breath, we will shout till we get a coughing-fit, and we’ll fight till the end, which might not be that far. We are ready.

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