“Come here, I have to tell you something. No, a little closer, I wouldn’t want anyone else to hear it. It is the most interesting thing and I don’t really know if I should be telling you this. But you have to promise that you will never ever tell it to anyone, anyone at all, not even your ……..”

Normally such words are followed by a story that is part truth, part exaggeration, part slander, part blasphemy, part absolutely inconsequential stuff. But you can be fairly certain of two things, first that the truth part will be minimal and second that whatever story is being told will be absolutely irrelevant to anything that matters in anyone’s life.

I must be missing something here because I find juicy stories about other people’s fights, their affairs, their sins, their views completely unappealing. I mean I would rather watch a Pakistani movie than listen to what someone said or did to someone else. I am not a psychologist or a philosopher so neither do I know why such an activity is so attractive for people nor can I frame a theory about it. I just have this weird idea that relating (or making up) stories that make oneself look good or someone else look bad (and consequently make oneself look good in comparison) is pathetic. And to anyone who protests that is not what they are doing, my response is simple, “Oh Puhleeease!”

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