Ali Bay; Remember

Alif & Bay:

Alif: Remember our neighbor, Mr. Azam?

Bay: Remember what about him?

A: Remember him?

B: In general?

A: In whatever. Remember that he existed?

B: Yes, and as far as I know he still does.

A: Actually no. That’s what I have been trying to tell you. He died yesterday.

B: Ha! Was that in the papers?

A: No, I….

B: TV?

A: No.

B: Radio?

A: No, but….

B: Facebook?

A: No.

B: What? Not even on facebook? Twitter then….

A: No, you idiot, it wasn’t on any of these things. I went to…..

B: I don’t believe you then. If it wasn’t on any of these, it didn’t happen.

A: Of course it did.

B: How do you know? Was it on facebook?

A: No, I ….

B: Then it didn’t happen. Stop your lying nonsense, and let’s talk about something else.

A: What something else, you moron?

B: I was thinking we should go visit Mr. Azam someday. Seems like a nice person. Puts up really good quotes on facebook.

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