Shuntoo on doing enough in our lives

“We want the consolation that we are doing enough with our lives. And since we know damn well that we are not doing even close to anything that can be mistaken by a blind man to be enough, we want others to reassure us. We want to exaggerate every hardship, anything that remotely resembles a difficulty when viewed from the most pessimistic angle possible. We want to go on and on about how the world is unfair to us. What a crappy thing to say, as if the world or nature or God owes us anything at all. As if we deserved a single thing we actually got.”

“And by proving that we have been dealt a bad hand, we want our audience to tell us that under the conditions that we live in, our mere existence is enough. That whatever shit we are doing in the world is an act of supreme courage. That we are heroes, we do not need to do anything else. Donkeys! If you can’t get off your asses, if you can’t face the world for whatever little stupid reason, at least admit that you are not great and live happily. If we are too meek to attempt greatness, why can’t we find solace in our meekness? Why insist that for us the rules change, and meekness become greatness?”

“And then to be pathetic enough to feel that if a few other people assure us of this, the thing will be final. Vying for second hand greatness through weak and crying arguments. What can be more miserable, man!”

Okay, maybe some people are like what you said. But, instead of ignoring them, shouldn’t you listen and help them. And what if some of them are actually in trouble and not ……….” he cut me short in the middle of my sentence.

“I am not here to help or teach. Those who want to learn find teachers. And what you always forget is …… I don’t give a damn about other people.”~Shuntoo

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