Shuntoo on Indifference

“We have to put an end to this indifferent attitude. This attitude of indifference towards the actual problems within ourselves. This habit of making embarrassingly silly attempts to pose as great supporters of a revolution to change the circumstances for the better. This ignorance of ignorance. This attitude of denial. Denial to accept that we that we don’t know crap about what our current situation is or what exactly is meant by change for the better. We have to stop repeating ideas we heard or read somewhere without comprehending anything about them. We have to stop trying to impress morons even when we are succeeding. We have to improve ourselves. We have to realize that it is only ourselves that are in our control and what we do with ourselves is the clearest indication of how well we are equipped to bring about a change in whatever we will control. Yes sir, we have to change our mindsets.”~Shuntoo

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