Ten reflections-on Iqbal day

At a time when

1. The world is afraid to come to Pakistan, invest any amount of money or even play a game of cricket here

2. The lives and property of every citizen of Pakistan is under constant threat

3. Pakistan is 145th in the world in the Human Development Index

4. Pakistan is universally known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world

5. Pakistan has the 38th lowest per capita income and our performance on all other indicators is also dismal

6. The heads of Pakistan’s most powerful institutions are at loggerheads trying to decide who is stronger

7. Our leaders, having failed to address these problems, take pride in managing to get a huge crowd sing the national anthem and form the national flag to create records

8. Most Pakistanis cannot expect to get any sort of education or reasonable health facilities

9. Mafias control our south, militias control our north, and tyrants control our center

10. Girls and women in Pakistan are being killed by jirgas and religious fanatics

At this great time, let’s all take a day off and sleep, relax, chill. But for one moment somewhere, just one moment, think if there is some little thing we owe Iqbal?

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