Aliens on ‘Ownership’

Just imagine

1. Individual humans claim exclusive ownership to pieces of music or writing or paintings, in short they have a system where one person owns art.

2. Large groups of humans own large pieces of land and call them countries. They have drawn imaginary lines on the landmass of the planet and have a different name for each country where only that group has the right to do more or less whatever they please.

3. These large groups even claim to own the seas (where they cannot live) and the air above their so-called countries.

We believe that all this ownership crap has less to do with utilizing the commodity and more with excluding everyone else from using it. From what we have observed till now, this system leads to conflicts, stealing, fights (even wars between countries) and nothing but bad blood between humans. Most of the activity on this planet seems to be connected in one way or the other with either getting ownership of stuff that they don’t own or protecting ownership of the stuff they do own. We are yet to fathom what good all this confusion does and we are pretty sure that most of the wars, fights, disputes, conflicts and what-not are because of this. Yet, the humans seem to be totally oblivious of all this and continue to follow this system as if it were the best of things.”~Some Aliens

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