The power to ignore

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the power to ignore. It is such a great power that if mankind begins to understand its potential, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine! If only we could master this power. Nothing would matter anymore. If we could ignore pain, and I am not saying not feel pain, just feel and then ignore it. Pain would cease to have any effect on our performance other than merely informing us that something is wrong somewhere in our bodies, a problem that we would be free to tackle whenever we want. Imagine if we could ignore other people, their idiotic actions and even sillier words, weather conditions, political turmoil, all the hunger, hatred, sadness, agony, stupidity, and whatever we felt like ignoring. We could perform to the best of our abilities under all circumstances then. Oh! What a gift it is! The power to ignore. And I don’t mean that we don’t see these things or become insensitive. Just that if we master this art, we could ignore whoever or whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and make our lives free of so much bullshit.

Are we signficant?

We restrict ourselves to information that comes to us…through the media, through people we meet or even through bits and pieces of conversations that we pick up from here and there. And then we decide what is important enough for us to spend / waste our time on. But do we really? I guess we don’t even take that much trouble. We consider important events that we are told are important…by the media, by the people we meet or even by people whose conversations we happen to hear. So, should we trust this information? Is it actually important? Is anything actually important? What about things that we are or at least should be absolutely sure about? Like the fact that it is not a good idea to hurt people or disobey laws or tell lies or commit injustices or make money through illegal and / or unfair means. We don’t need anyone to give us that information or to tell us that it is important. We know. And yet, we don’t. So is anything significant? Are we significant?

I think they all believed him when he said that belief is a mirage. They loved his idea that philosophy and ideas are the domain of the impractical and should be ignored. In the end, he was hailed as a hero and they promised to follow him to the ends of the earth because they trusted him. They were in awe of this man, who was so different from all the others; who hated being a leader and said that awe was the hobby of weak minds.

Perspective on life

So, there are those who are happy because of their life and those who are happy despite their life, but the truth is simple.

1. Your glass is never empty, life always gives you something to build on. Never make the error of ignoring this and feeling otherwise.

2. The things you did not get in life could be a wonderful opportunity. If your life misses something, you can fill that part with anything you want. All you need is the courage to take risks and a little bit of imagination.

If God had filled all our glasses to the brim, what fun would there be in living?

Shuntoo on Self-esteem

“Meaning that I do not have self-esteem issues and I do not enjoy a false sense of social acceptance if I get a lot a ‘likes’ on my statuses, pictures or comments. Meaning that I do not fulfill my needs of love and belonging from the number of pictures or posts that I am tagged in. Meaning that I do not want to see how happy and smoochie couples are in the illusion of their relationship that they have created on this site. Meaning that I am not a big fan of viewing others’ profiles to see what is going on in their lives, especially when those profiles don’t actually give that information anyway but are instead filled with either an exaggeration of how good a time they are having in an effort to make others envious or an exaggeration of how miserable their lives are in an effort to get sympathies. You don’t have to justify yourself. I have nothing against you having fun on facebook. Of course you have some issues that need solutions from social networking sites. And obviously you are not put off by all the hearts and muuaaahs and awwwws and fake concerns etc. You also might have a thing for all the fake quotes and sayings of prophets that end up impressing people despite being misquoted.”~Shuntoo

Shuntoo on taking advice

“All I am trying to tell you is that advice is just something one might consider, evaluate and then reject. To save time, I usually skip the first two steps and simply reject it. I am the one responsible for my actions. I have to face their consequences, so I should be the one who decides what to do and what not to do. You are never going to suffer if your advice results in disaster, so why should I bother.”~Shuntoo

Now I don’t believe!

I started believing in a world that had gone wrong and which could only be rectified by hard work and persistence and a concerted, untiring effort of the youth. I believed in a great future since everyone wanted this country and the world in general to rise from the depths of rottenness and reclaim the heights it was destined for. I believed in a future that would be built on our sacrifices. But when I entered practical life, I realized that people on this planet were not only unwilling to bring about a change, they were completely unaware of the mess they were in. And anyone who attempted to change the state of things would invariably be confronted with the worst kinds of problems created by the very people that he was trying to help. I was annoyed with all those who presented such a rosy picture to me and did not give any attention to preparing me for what was coming. Now I work and I try and I fight. But I don’t believe in anything with too much fanaticism now. Nothing is what it seems. Now I don’t believe, I work and I try and I fight and I live.

On being prepared

What if! What if we let go of this childish urge to always be prepared? Honestly speaking, our preparation is also an illusion we love to hang on to, since life has this habit of pulling a fast one on us and frequently we feel the image of our so-called preparedness shatter to pieces. So what if we get comfortable with not being prepared? What if we start to understand, like and eventually look forward to surprises? Maybe then we’ll be able to see beyond the tiny portions. Maybe we will be able to see the pieces in the pattern, rather than looking for a pattern in the pieces. Maybe then, we’ll see.