Shuntoo: the power to ignore

“One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the power to ignore,” said Shuntoo, talking to no one in particular.

“What?” I was a little surprised at this sudden irrelevant comment while I was in the middle of a serious conversation with a friend.

“It is such a great power that if mankind begins to understand its potential, the possibilities are limitless.”

“Shuntoo, you……” I tried but he ignored me.

“Imagine! If only we could master this power. Nothing would matter anymore. If we could ignore pain, and I am not saying not feel pain, just feel and then ignore it.”

“Shuntoo, we….” The bastard continued to ignore me.

“Pain would cease to have any effect on our performance other than merely informing us that something is wrong somewhere in our bodies, a problem that we would be free to tackle whenever we want.”

“That is easier said than…..” he continued as if I did not exist.

“Imagine if we could ignore other people, their idiotic actions and even sillier words, weather conditions, political turmoil, all the hunger, hatred, sadness, agony, stupidity, and whatever we felt like ignoring. We could perform to the best of our abilities under all circumstances then. Oh! What a gift it is! The power to ignore!”

“Are you saying that…..”

“And I don’t mean that we don’t see these things or become insensitive. Just that if we master this art, we could ignore whoever or whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and make our lives free of so much bullshit.”

“So, if we…..” he just got up, lit a Marlboro and walked out the door. And I suddenly realized. Shuntoo had already mastered the art.

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