Shuntoo: Sane Conversation II

As the doorbell rang I looked at Shuntoo and I am sure he recognized the plea in my eyes. He greeted my friend with a smile and a nod, which for Shuntoo is the equivalent of a passionate hug, and seemed to listen pretty attentively to our conversation…….the bastard that he is. I was happy that he was acting normally for once…….the idiot that I am.

About fifteen minutes after her arrival, our conversation had drifted, as usual, to the deteriorating standards of humanity and how it was becoming increasingly difficult for a person of substance to survive in this world. She was explaining how she had had to face disappointment after disappointment and how everyone she had ever met or worked or had a relationship with had ended up hurting her. Suddenly Shuntoo looked up from his phone which he had been playing with and spoke, directly addressing my friend

“I always say that you may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” I was a little surprised to see him entering a conversation without being forced to. Maybe he liked this girl. I was even more surprised because I had known Shuntoo for many years and I was sure he did not ‘always say’ any such thing. Could it be possible that he was trying to impress her?

“Hmmm!” she responded. “Maybe that has been your experience but I personally feel that you are just trying to hide behind such thoughts in an effort to forget or justify the pain of a kick in the teeth. Although what you just said may sound wise, I think it’s are far from the truth.

“Really? So you are kinda saying what Walt Disney said.” As she looked on in anticipation, Shuntoo took a moment as if trying to remember what Disney had said and then continued. “He said we must stop trying to hide behind comforting words and thoughts. We have to start facing the truth, no matter how ugly it may seem. Only then can we begin to live and enjoy life.”

“Exactly!” She said with a smile. “Disney wasn’t the greatest in his field for nothing. True wisdom only comes from experience.” Strangely Shuntoo was smiling too broadly now as she continued. “I agree 100% with Disney, exactly my thoughts.”

And now Shuntoo started laughing out loud and I knew something was wrong. My friend looked puzzled, she kept glancing towards me, then at Shuntoo and back at me again as Shuntoo kept laughing for a full thirty seconds.

Eventually I had to step in. “What’s so funny?”

Wiping tears from his eyes, Shuntoo looked at her “Nothing. It’s just that” he said, trying hard to control his laughter, “what I said before about the kick in the teeth was a quote by Walt Disney I just read on my phone. And the one about facing the truth and all, was something I just made up.” And he started laughing again.

I was too pissed off to even speak. Shuntoo got up, put his phone in his pocket, placed the coffee mug on the table and as he went out the door, shot a knowing look at me and said “Sane conversation, my ass! Thanks for the coffee.”

And I wondered.

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