Zara Zor Se Bolo

1. Asif Ali Zardari was elected to the office of President of Pakistan without any hanky-panky, through an absolutely constitutional and legal process. And now Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has become the Prime Minister of our country by securing majority votes exactly the way it should be in a democracy. So saarey bolo Democracyyyyyyyyyyyyy zinnnnndabad.

2. Days after Raja Pervaiz Ashraf took oath of office, the Supreme Court has issued a notice asking him whether he is ready to write against the President to the Swiss authorities. So the whole tragicomic drama is about to begin again. Among suo moto notices of all things governmental and some semi-governmental (like Attiqa Odho’s bottles), Arsalan Iftikhar kept amassing wealth and nobody allegedly noticed and the Mians of Raiwind keep getting pardons and allowances. So saarey bolo Judiciaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy zinnnnnnnndabad.

3. Malik Riaz finally (unintentionally or not) exposed the media and we now see a list of anchors on the payroll of this tycoon all around us. Obviously all the anchors in the list might not be guilty of taking money from Riaz, a lot of them might well be on the payroll of others. So khul ke bolo Mediaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zinnnnnnnnnnnndabad.

4. Lawyers, after gaining the respect of the nation and the international community have become the self-proclaimed defenders of anything they think is worth defending and won’t even refrain from beating up judges, hurling abuses at each other and banning the entry into bars of any lawyer who they think is defending the wrong person. So ye bhee bolo Wukalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zinnnnnnnnnnnnndabad.

The people of this country, in the meanwhile, sit on their butts and wait for the light to come back. Zara zor se bolo Pakistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan zinnnnnnnnnnnnnnndabad

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