Alif: The Prime Minister has been disqualified. That is what you call independence of the judiciary.
Bay: Yaaaaay!
Alif: Final outcome of the case against the Chief Justice’s son is still pending though.
Bay: Uh-oh!
Alif: But the CJ will ensure that justice is done. After all, he is the one who convicted a sitting Prime Minister.
Bay: Yaaaaay!
Alif: But there are allegations from certain quarters that the Supreme Court is biased against the PPP.
Bay: Uh-oh!
Alif: However, the allegations seem baseless since the apex Court also took a strict stance against the Musharraf regime. Remember the Steel Mills and missing persons cases?
Bay: Yaaaay!
Alif: Although the Court also dismissed all petitions challenging Musharraf’s constitutional amendments in 2005.
Bay: Uh-oh.
Alif: But after all, they did succeed in teaching Gilani a lesson for ridiculing the Court. He is disqualified from contesting elections for the next five years, I think.
Bay: Yaaaay!
Alif: Did you hear the latest though? Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif can now contest elections. High Court and Supreme Court’s earlier decisions have been set aside.
Bay: Uh-oh
Alif: Anyway, I think Pakistan is on the way to better times. Things are looking good.
Bay: Yaaaay!
Alif: All we need is a little effort from the people of the country. People like you have to start taking responsibility.
Bay: Uh-oh.

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