Alif and Bay; Justice Rules

Alif: Isn’t it terrific? The Chief Justice’s son in Court…..and that too on suo moto notice by the CJ?
Bay: Yes, it’s wonderful.
Alif: It signifies a huge leap forward.
Bay: Yes, the media must be loving it.
Alif: The media?
Bay: Yes. Who else do you mean it’s terrific for?
Alif: For the nation.
Bay: Oh yes! Of course the people who watch TV and read newspapers. Obviously they are the ultimate beneficiaries.
Alif: I meant it is good for the nation because it gives the hope for justice.
Bay: Oh! Of course.
Alif: So you see what I mean.
Bay: Yes yes!…………Well, actually no.
Alif: It is obvious. If the CJ’s son can be called in Court, so can everyone else.
Bay: But didn’t we already get that message when the PM was summoned.
Alif: Yes, but this is different.
Bay: Yes, it is. CJ’s son is yet to be convicted.
Alif: Even if he is not convicted, it sends a clear message that justice rules.
Bay: Ok.
Alif: You don’t agree?
Bay: Of course I do.
Alif: Good.
Bay: So, has the PM written that letter yet?
Alif: No.
Bay: What about his sons? Have they been convicted in those drug and stuff scandals?
Alif: I don’t think so.
Bay: And Moonis Elahi? What became of his case?
Alif: No idea.
Bay: I am starving.
Alif: Ya! Let’s go to KFC.

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