Alif and Bay; Intellectual Discussion

Alif: You know what our biggest problem is?
Bay: No.
Alif: It is…..
Bay: Yes
Alif: What yes? You know?
Bay: No.
Alif: Then why did you say yes?
Bay: I said no.
Alif: But before that you said yes.
Bay: After than I said no.
Alif: So which one is it, yes?
Bay: No
Alif: No?
Bay: Yes.
Alif: Are you sure?
Bay: About what?
Alif: About no?
Bay: Yes
Alif: So you know what our biggest problem is?
Bay: No
Alif: I will tell you
Bay: No
Alif: What no?
Bay: Nothing. Yes.
Alif: Should I tell you?
Bay: I don’t know
Alif: Ok I will
Bay: Yes
Alif: Our biggest problem is that we keep having ridiculous conversations over inconsequential trivialities while no major discussion worth anything ever takes place. We are just fond of talking while actually we don’t give a shit about anything but our own petty interests and our own personal needs.
Bay: What?
Alif: What what?
Bay: Sorry
Alif: For what?
Bay: Let’s eat something.
Alif: Great idea.
Bay: I’m starving.
Alif: Me too.

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