2011 was funny ….. or sad, depending on the way you look at things. But let’s not go into the past. What’s done is done. The good news is that making 2012 an improvement on the previous year should not be that big a problem. Let’s see what we are hoping for in 2012.
1. PhDs who are more deserving than Engineer Rehman Malik.
2. An airline where flights are delayed by less than 12 hours.
3. A railway service in which trains move.
4. A hockey team that finishes above the bottom two in an international tournament.
5. An actress with better sense than Veena Malik and better linguistic skills than Meera.
6. A TV show better than the Sahir Lodhi Show.
7. A scholar with more character than Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain.
8. A government that does at least one thing without commission or bribes.
9. Loadshedding of less than 12 hours throughout the country.
10. A revolutionary who promises something less disastrous than a Tsunami.
11. Cricketers who do not bowl no-balls on purpose.
12. Ambassadors and a President who do not ask foreign governments for help against their own army.
13. Movies that make some sense.
14. Political talk shows where fights and abuse takes up less than half the time.
Get the point? Now, how hard could this be? So, we are surely on our way up, since there might not be any space left below us.

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