It is perfectly normal for average people like me to believe in the stupidest of things without using our brains or the unprecedented access to knowledge that is available to a 21st century human; perfectly normal but not ideal, as we do have this moral obligation to get our facts straight before we quote something in public. Especially when it comes to celebrities or people who get the chance to come on our TV screens and speak with millions listening, blurting out stuff that is grossly inaccurate transforms from mere stupidity to something almost criminal. So here is just an attempt to clarify certain things so that the influence of crap spoken in public and private gatherings might be reduced to some extent. So, once and for all…..

1. You cannot compare rulers who are ignorant of the miseries of their people with Nero. Nero tried his best to help Rome when it was burning, and even paid for the relief efforts out of his own pocket, he provided food to the hungry and opened his palace for the homeless. He was NOT playing a fiddle, which was invented somewhere around the ninth century, more than 800 years after Nero’s death.
2. It is absurd to refer to a revolution expected to bring peace and prosperity to the country by calling it a ‘Tsunami’. A Tsunami is known to play havoc wherever it comes and it destroys everything that comes in its path regardless of whether it is good or evil. Repeatedly saying “Tsunami aa raha hai!” does not give hope. I mean, what are you trying to do? Scare people?
3. Stop repeating the story about how when told that the people of France did not have bread to eat, Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake”. This never happened. To my knowledge, this story is attributed to Rousseau’s ‘Confessions’, a book that was written when Marie was just a kid, not the queen.
4. If your child is not good at studies, tell him to work hard and work hard on him yourself, but puhleeaase stop saying that Einstein also failed in maths because…..he DIDN’T. He was exceptional in both Physics and Mathematics since early childhood.
5. Darwin never said anywhere that men evolved from Chimpanzees. If you cannot read his book, at least stop repeating this crazy thing.
Of course, if I am wrong about any of the above, you are welcome to correct me. If I am right, you are welcome to correct yourself.

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