The glass is half empty, thank God!

The world consists almost entirely of two kinds of people, those who are happy that the glass is half full and those that complain that the glass is half empty. The key word here is ‘almost’. Although most of us are led to believe that these are the only two ways to look at the glass, there are at least two other kinds of people. A fast growing proportion is those who refuse to see the glass at all, but I do not want to waste time on those here.

The real doers are the men and women who don’t look at the empty or the full half of the glass in isolation but see it as a whole and feel glad that it is not completely empty since it never is and also feel immense excitement at the fact that is not completely full since this gives them the opportunity to fill the empty part of the glass with whatever they want. They can put yogurt in it to make lassi or champagne to make a drink. They can put ice cubes in it to make the water cooler or some concentrate to make a whatever they please.

So, there are those who are happy because of their life and those who are happy despite their life, but the truth is simple.

1. Your glass is never empty, life always gives you something to build on. Never make the error of ignoring this and feeling otherwise.
2. The things you did not get in life could be a wonderful opportunity. If your life misses something, you can fill that part with anything you want. All you need is the courage to take risks and a little bit of imagination.
If God had filled all our glasses to the brim, what fun would there be in living?

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