I knew it

Our country is blessed with so many resources but we just cannot seem to utilize them to the full. I know this sentence has been repeated so many times that you must be sick of it by now. But I am referring to a resource the utilization of which can be improved very easily and which has largely been ignored and its pricelessness hardly ever understood. I am referring to the fact that Pakistan seems to have more psychics than any other country in the world.

It is eerie to see the number of future predictors and more than a little unsettling to note that their predictions are absolutely correct almost 100 percent of the time. Be it the fate of an election, the result of a cricket match, the box office showing of a movie or any other incident ranging from a terrorist attack to when someone would get a flu (and how many days later would he be well again). It is really impressive and, I must confess, I often feel stupid when I realize that I do not have the same psychic powers as so many others around me possess.

There’s only one little problem though. All these psychics are too possessive of their powers and do not share their predictions with us mortals until the event they have predicted has already happened. Once a match, an election or other event is over, these people rush in to tell you ‘I knew it!’ And they follow this revelation with a detailed explanation and analysis of things that made it obvious for anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence to predict exactly what was going to happen. I just wish we can come up with a way to convince these people to share their predictions with us before the events actually occur. If only we could somehow utilize this resource well, we could leap forward and become the greatest nation in the world as no other country has this power.

So, please, all you great psychics. Either tell us your predictions before the event and then let us be awestruck with the accuracy of your prophecies, or spare us and do not say that you knew it after the event has occurred. Don’t take me wrong, but any idiot can predict an event once he has seen it happen. All I want is to prevent you from looking like idiots and make sure that your prowess is recognized and used for the good of the whole nation.

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