Politically correct

Political correctness has transformed from a simple notion to a serious obsession and it has, in my opinion, caused great harm. When originally used, somewhere in the 17th century, the term simply meant not being inaccurate about political principles and philosophies. Gradually, the term was distorted and people came to interpret anything that was against the prevalent political policy as being politically incorrect.

Now, however, we live in a world where everything that has the slightest potential to hurt someone’s feelings is deemed politically incorrect. You are not supposed to say anything that has a critical sound and relates to anyone’s religion, race, creed, nationality, physical condition, mental condition, spiritual condition, philosophy of life, beliefs, dogmas etc. Now, doesn’t that mean that you are not supposed to criticize anything at all? In order to be politically correct, the civilized among us do not refrain from lying when the situation requires. We lie to ensure that we don’t hurt someone’s feelings. So, we ensure that we prevent people’s silly complexes and insecurities from hurting themselves, while in the process, indirectly encouraging and strengthening these complexes and insecurities.

I have nothing against this. I just wonder whether it helps us become a better society, this papering over each other’s weaknesses. There are two things that we must remember in this regard though.

1. Everyone has the freedom to be politically incorrect if he or she can, in turn, tolerate criticism for not being politically correct.
2. You don’t have to be politically correct with yourself. So at least give fair opinions when you’re talking to yourself.

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