Pakistan has been known around the world for its unmatched expertise in selecting the right man for the right job. These nominees represent the best choices among a long list of good ones.

Best Selection (Right Man for the Right Job)
1. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as the President of Pakistan. With a vast administrative experience (he party ran the Bambino cinema for a while), excellent education (amid claims that he never graduated from St. Patrick’s High School and the fact that Pedinton School, London, where he claims to have studied cannot be found in London) and memorable performance as a minister (earning prestigious titles like ‘Mr. 10 percent’), who could doubt that we hit the bull’s eye by selecting him for the top spot.
2. Zaka Ashraf. After the disasters during Ijaz Butt’s tenure, we surely learnt our lesson and appointed this person who is the ex-president of the Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. and the CEO of Ashraf Sugar Mills, as Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board. And for all those too naïve to get the point, it was explained that under him the ZTBL team performed well in domestic cricket. What vision!
3. Rehman Malik, who was the obvious choice for Interior Minister after his performance as BB’s Chief Security Officer.
4. Bilawal (Bhutto) Zardari. Forget all the conspiracy theories. This guy’s selection as PPP’s chairman against BB’s will (supposedly the ‘will’ declared Asif Zardari as her successor) is perfect. He has not lived in Pakistan for any considerable period, cannot speak Urdu fluently, and seems to be well-set in the western culture. That’s all we need in a leader, nahi?
5. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who began his career in PML under Mr. Junejo, then opted for PML(N) under Mian Nawaz Sharif when the party split (and was Minister of Planning & Development from 1988-90), then joined PML (J) under Manzoor Wattoo (was Minister of Finance 1990-93) and finally joined the PPP in 1993 (serving as Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Foreign Minister) has now joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. With such a diverse experience, Khan could not have picked a better person for Vice Chairman PTI.

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